Brooklyn Tech Shelter – Needs Yoga Teachers, Meditation and Comedians !!

A way to help at Brooklyn Tech’s evacuation center:

The evacuation center at Brooklyn Tech in Ft. Greene (29 Fort Greene Pl.) is urgently requesting activities & supplies to keep evacuees occupied. There seem to be plenty of volunteers around the clock for meal service & other needed tasks, but as of this morning there was very little for anyone to do but pace up & down the hallways or sit on their cots staring off into space. The evacuees are mostly elderly & developmentally disabled people from homes in Rockaway, & many are very upset, confused, or just plain bored. The nursing staff is stretched extremely thin & is asking people to come with playing cards, board games, crossword puzzles, art supplies, etc. If anyone has a projector, DVD player, & DVDs you can bring to do a movie screening, that would be especially appreciated. A radio would also be very welcome, since people in the building currently have no steady access to the news. 
Also if you can lead people in stretching, yoga, dance, or arts & crafts activities, please come.

Below is a full list of supplies being requested. Once again, if you can come TODAY, that would be great. They’re hoping to be able to start taking folks home in the next day or two (although when that will actually be possible is anyone’s guess), but it would be great if the situation could be made a little less stressful in the meantime.
Thanks so much, & please feel free to forward this far & wide! Also, other evacuation centers (the Park Slope Armory, for example) may be facing a similar need, so you may want to check in there. Here’s a list of all the shelters:
- radio / boom box
- crossword puzzles & word finds + pens (If you have a printer, here are some websites with PDFs you can print out:
- coloring books, paper, crayons, markers
- playing cards
- games (dominoes & bingo would be especially appreciated)
- power strips for people to charge their phones (there are very few outlets)
- magazines (not books – they have enough of those)
- white name tags

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