Holistic Bazaars in New York by Matchmyspirit

Wellness Bazaars Free

Health and Wellness Companies NYC  at the New York Open Center Match my spirit spiritual events.

Organic Products Bazaar

Spiritual Wellness Events and Holistic Center - at the New York Open Center - free wellness events

Holistic Bazaar NYC

Holistic Bazaar and health and wellness events in Manhattan . Free events for wellness companies

Health Tech Bazaar

Bio hacking NYC events with holistic doctors and new york health coaches. Free event to attend .

Bio Hacking Bazaar

Holistic events NY to exhibit wellness business by matchmyspirit. Exhibit events free with tables

Holiday Bazaar NYC

Exhibit at wellness events in NYC ,tabled events for wellness experts at New York open Center

Welcome to our Holistic, Wellness and Progressive Bazaars in NYC

Join us for some real fun ! Wellness and Holistic Bazaar in Manhattan and Queens with our awesome holistic community of NYC. All kinds of wellness products, services , new technologies, bio hacking tech and therapies, non profit services for health and wellness, healthcare companies, progressive wellness coaching, corporate health coaching and any other cutting edge health tech is welcome!

Exhibit fee is $ 175 ( plus Paypal fees) and you receive the following :

* Table and 2 chairs 

* 2 months of intense social media promo on our networks 

* Your business featured on our blog to increase Seo

* Elevator Pitch at the event 

* Lots of introductions !!