Affordable Spiritual Yoga Retreats Upstate New York

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Affordable Spiritual Yoga Retreats Upstate NY

Join us for relaxing spiritual retreats Upstate New York at our Retreat Center in the Catskills close to Hunter Mountain. Nestled in the mountains is our health and wellness retreat and yoga center surrounded by local farms and beautiful countryside. Quiet and spiritual moments fill the air with fresh mountain energy . Yoga Retreats are typically Holistic retreats and nature retreats with the day starting with an International Vegetarian retreat/ Vegan retreat buffet ( most food is sourced from our local organic farms and also our garden ! ) followed by hiking along the winding country roads amidst farms and meadows characteristic of country life. Later a deep long meditation together as a group is a big part of our spiritual retreat experience and an outdoor yoga class. 

Ofcourse the day only begins when delicious variety of vegan desserts are served ! We take these very seriously and work hard on making Vegan, dairy free, gluten free desserts ( think Black Forest  / dairy free/ gluten free cake ! )

Later in the evening as the sun sets we enjoy aromatherapy sessions ( included ) or other holistic treatments over organic teas and coffee. Typically the retreat goes on till late evening so we enjoy the energy created together as a group .

Address Retreat Center :5252 Route 23C, Jewett, NY 12444 (close to Hunter Mountain )Transportation - Either drive up 2.45 hours from New York City or take the Port Authority bus to Windham NY Once you arrive in Windham we will pick you from the bus station. Price is $85.00 plus tax  ( transportation not included )  

Progressive Wellness Seminars

At these spiritual retreats close to NYC often the attendees who are health experts share their expertise with the group and also exchange therapies . A great time to learn new wellness ideas 

and take your health to the next level !  Treatments range from Reflexology, massage to Reiki. Every retreat may have a variety of different therapies. Often our attendees have shared that our retreats are the best Holistic Retreats near NYC and easily accessible.

Intimate Holistic Bazaar

Another fun aspect of the retreat is the mini holistic bazaar where attendees can browse through sweet organic wellness products and sipping delicious teas.  Essential oils, sprays, shea butter creams , lavender herbs and teas, almond flour cookies , organic vegan chocolates , Indian spices and teas , jewelry and lots of other cute trinklets are a part of this experience. 

We want to make sure the Spiritual retreats close to NYC are convenient and fun for weary New Yorkers to come by and enjoy some peace and develop new depths. We want to make our retreats the premier day retreats near NYC and the best Holistic Retreats near NYC 

Meditation and Pranayama

The deepest part of our retreats is the beautiful 1 hour guided group meditation.  With simple techniques and group energy the ambiance is tied together with an invisible spiritual thread . Pranayam, visualization and pratyahara are a part of this practice. Our spiritual retreats have changed many lives over the years and helped the retreatants move their lives to the next level with a new spiritual force